6 Common Fat Loss Mistakes That You Must Avoid

  1. Crash Dieting
    Apart from the obvious disadvantages of this method; general weakness and nutritional deficiencies. The weight lost from this method quickly regains as soon as the person starts eating again. And this time one may even gain weight above their starting point.
  1. Not Tracking your calorie Intake
    You are not tracking your calories then you don’t know if you are in calorie deficit or not which is the most basic and essential requirement for fat/weight loss.
  1. Eyeballing food calories
    People who are familiar with the concept of calorie deficit, often make this mistake of estimating food calories and not actually weighing it on scale. Make sure to weigh your food on scale.
  1. Not eating enough protein
    Protein is the most important nutrient for fat loss. Researches show that high protein diets are more effective for fat loss. We know that everybody doesn’t want to make their muscles big and protein isn’t just for building muscles. High protein diet is equally important for fat loss and weight loss goals. And don’t worry eating protein will not make your muscles big magically overnight!

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  1. Underestimating the importance of Fats
    “I am on diet, I only eat fruits and boiled vegetables” You must have heard it once in your life. We hear it quite often. Fats play a vital role in our metabolism, hormone production and digestion. Fats are needed in many hormone production processes and other enzymatic processes without which we cannot function optimally.
  2. Looking for shortcuts

Drink this tea or eat this super food and lose weight in 10 days. These bold claims get attention because who wants to work hard inherently?
I know that I don’t! So do you? No tea, smoothie or miracle super food will give you your desired physique. You have to earn it with your consistent efforts.

Article by Coach Rehan
Certified Personal Training
Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
Certified Nutritionist 


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