Stress Busting Herbal Supplements – Why you should have at least one adaptogen in your daily routine?

Why you should have at least one adaptogen in your daily routine?

What are adaptogens?
Adaptogens are herbs and roots that support your body in handling mental and physical stress. Stress is the body’s response to the environmental factors around it. You have to meet deadlines at work, your partner’s birthday is around the corner and you haven’t planned anything, meanwhile your car tire gets punctured and now you’re late for dropping your kids at school. Now you’re panicking, can’t concentrate, your heart is racing and guess what here comes the stress!

When you’re stressed, your adrenal gland releases the stress hormone cortisol, which then energizes you to tackle an emergency. But too much too often is usually bad for our bodies. 

When we can adapt to stress, we perform better and feel better despite what’s stressing us out. And with that, we can also improve our health and well-being. Here comes the role of adaptogens which help us adapt to stress by reducing the effects of stress hormones. They help us calm down and relax. Some adaptogens have mental stimulatory and relaxing effects simultaneously.

Adaptogens have the potential to help indirectly with other health issues, like anxiety, digestive concerns, insomnia, and more.

Here is a list of few adaptogens that you can find relatively easy in the local market.

Ashwagandha Powder

Use it to make a tea or simply add 1 tea spoon in your protein shake or smoothie.

Green Tea(L-Theanine)

L-Theanine is found in green tea, this amino acid can help promote calmness. Consume no more than 2 cups of green tea in a day.

Licorice Root (Mulethi Powder)

Add it in your tea, or smoothie. Consume no more than ½ to 1 tea spoon in a day.

Turmeric – Haldi Powder

Regularly consume moderate amounts of turmeric in your meals, turmeric can help reduce stress and inflammation. Turmeric also has positive effects of brain function and digestive system.  

Other Adaptogens not commonly found in local market.

American Ginseng Extract

Rhodiola rosea

Valerian root extract

Maca powder

Listed Adaptogens are found is testosterone boosting supplements!

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